Gjirafa’s new office by Maden Group, a studio based in Kosovo, Prishtina. Gjirafa.com is the first search engine and news aggregator in Albanian, a lexically unique language spoken by over 12 million people worldwide. Using advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms, Gjirafa provides access to data that currently cannot be searched online. To date, Gjirafa has managed to go through a $2 million investment round in Series A funding from Rockaway Capital.

Among many perks and benefits that the team has, Gjirafa makes sure to offer quite a US-style office inspiration for it’s headquarters in Pristina, Kosovo. Especially due to the fact that it puts high emphasis in the coordination of work and socialization of the team, in a truly open space environment.

Coordinating work is the number one priority for Gjirafa. With this in mind, Maden Group, an architectural company based in Kosovo with exciting local and international projects, has gone through a design process of the working space, that puts functionality prior to everything else in the interior of the offices.

The working day begins at the personal bar of Gjirafa, which is built by organic wood and continues to the relaxing space, that is set to be used after the release of a final product. The organization of the work and space starts from the waiting area, the meeting room, and the working part. The bean bags, the brain-storming zone, the mini-library, are working areas without stress.

A unique element which besides the usage, the function and the relax is also the most highlighted part of the facility. The orange metallic shipping container, as a recycling material, integrated wth the interior, comes as an out of the blue object which intrigues the curiosity for its whereabouts. The inner space is used as a meeting room while upon the container there is a hammock to rest and relax.

The inner function, the work coordination regarding the chosen design, makes the environment more comfortable for the team and their socialization. As you stand up from your working desk, you go through a bunch of bean bags placed in front of the TV, to read a book in the library, to relax on the rocking chairs as well as take a nap on the hammock; nevertheless, all this is aimed at increasing the socialization of the employees and enriching the team spirit.